Growing Sage

I am 23, live in Vancouver WA, and am a postpartum doula. I planned on going to Midwifery school until I found out I was expecting. This is my adventure of pregnancy, home birth, breastfeeding, cloth diapering, natural parenting, and queer single motherhood to a baby called Sage.

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sage fighting sleep: a conversation with himself

"Ra ra ra ra BOOM!"
“1, 2, 1, 2,”
“A, b, t,e, rrrrrrrr, o, p…….potty.”
“1 2 1 2 1 2”
“B, b, t, e, rrrrrrrr, o, p…… potty.”

Sage and I have talked about potty training alot. Usually when he pees in the bathtub or on the floor he says “pee!” And I ask him where he should actually be peeing, and he says “potty.” Despite his wonderful knowledge of where the pee goes, he still only sits on the toilet, wipes his mouth or nose with toilet paper, and crams it between his legs.

We have also been working on our alphabet.

So naturally the alphabet ends with “p” in the “potty.”

*endnote: when Sage is fighting sleep he usually does it by rattling off things he knows. Sometimes it is body parts (eye, nose, mouth, ear, chin, toes, belly button…) othertimes it’s animals (cat, meow, puppy, woof, moooo, owl, neigh, penguin, mouse, racoon…). Apparently today it was letters and numbers.
Bless him.

All Around the Mullberry Bush

Sage has gotten really into singing this song lately. Here is his version:

*grabs pretty much anything, hands flat on each side and turns it over while singing*
” ma-mah, ma-mah, ma-mah, POPcorn!”
*drops whatever he was holding*

We sing this song when we go to the library on Fridays. We hide a scarf in our hands, and throw it in the air at “pop goes the weasel.”

Gymnastics would be starting now, and Sage is still asleep. Glad I let him sleep. Hellloooo second cup of coffee!

Good Morning

Suprisingly, and grudgingly, I am awake before Sage. Tuesday is normally a gymnastics day, and our alarm goes off at 7:30AM. Usually, we spend about half an hour hitting the snooze button and dozing before getting up. Then we spend an hour waking up and eating breakfast, followed by a shower at 9AM, and leave for gymnastics around 9:45. I have to set an alarm because Sage is turning into quite the night owl, just like his mom.

Last night however, we had a bit of a misunderstanding. Sage wanted to sleep on top of my face. He usually only insists that I am within reach. I told him numerous times that I needed to be able to breathe, and that I cannot sleep with his shoulder jammed into my throat. He didn’t understand why I should be so selfish and nit-picky over something like breathing, and spent a good hour or so whining.

I made the decision to skip gymnastics and let him sleep. Otherwise we wont have enough time to wake up sufficently and eat a good breakfast, and actually participate in class. Thankfully we can do make-up classes.

I do need to find something to do to get us out of the house and burn off some energy. I am thinking of taking him to our local Little Cups and Grownups play cafe. What I love about this place is that it takes 5 minutes to get to, fun and safe place for kids to play, parents have full viewing and access to kids play area at all times, and of course, coffee. My goal would be to have him play independant of me, and for me to drink coffee and knit. Honestly I will probably not get much knitting done because Sage enjoys having my full attention 24/7. We will see, it at least gets us out of the house. Sage showed me he was bored of being home yesterday by getting into every cupboard and drawer he knows is not allowed.

Gauge, Sure, Whatever…What?!

I am a self-taught knitter, meaning that most of the time I just “wing it.” So gauge, right? Stitches per inch, knitting garments that actually fit versus doll clothes or gorilla-shaped? Not I. I have my standard “hat-needles” (US 7 16”circ) and my general “one-size-fits-most” bare bones pattern that I can dress up or down. Everything else is generally sprouted from that sizing. 

Sounds a bit dangerous right? Not really, because I tend to stick to the same weight of yarn.

Until…Until one night, my fiber addict self found SMC’s Alpaca Fino on sale for $3/skein in a GORGEOUS cobalt blue. I thought to myself: Sweater. I bought a total of 10 skeins (two in tan for some colorwork) with no pattern in mind, completely ignoring the weight of the yarn and was damn pleased with myself.

Well, the yarn is sport weight (5 ply). I am used to working with Worsted (10 ply) and the occasional DK (8 ply). (for non knitters, I am used to knitting with THICK yarn, and the yarn that I bought is THIN). 

I am sweating balls because I have 10 skeins of yarn staring me in the face with no pattern to go with them. Now I have to knit a swatch and no math people. MATH. 

My dreams of a chunky oversized sweater perfect for curling up with a  book in have to be put in hold. New dreams of an elegant, fitted sweater are pushed to the front.

Lesson learned. 

P.S. This yarn has be plaguing  my thoughts. Last night I even dreamed I was knitting sweaters. 

morning conversation with Sage

  • Sage: momma, momma, momma.
  • Me: hummph yes dear? Uhhh
  • Sage: hi.
  • Me: *rolls over*
  • Sage: momma. Momma. Momma.
  • Me: yes dear?
  • Sage: potty?
  • me: yes, I will, not yet.
  • Sage: momma. Momma, momma.
  • Me: sage, sage, sage.
  • Sage: light?? Light? *turns on ALL the light*
  • Me: uuuhhhhhggggg
  • sage: momma, momma, momma.
  • Me: yes dear.
  • Sage: peas? Crackers? Apple? Banana? Oatmeal?
  • Me: are you hungry?
  • Sage: hungry. Momma, momma, up? Up?
  • Me: alright, i'm up.
  • Sage: momma, momma, momma.
  • Me: yes dear?
  • Sage: hi. Love you!

Another Something New

Sage and I stopped breastfeeding! Woah! I know. Sage had cut it down to nursing twice a day, each time it was right before sleep. At one point It just came to me that nursing for him was just part of the routine. I tried not nursing at naptime and it worked! Now we have replaced nursing with reading a story and some cuddles. I am fine about it honestly, emotionally and physically. Sage seems pretty good too. He is extra clingy (isn’t he always) but other than that, he seems fine about it. So hats off to me everyone! For 19.5 months of breastfeeding! 

Now I am going to go drink coffee (unlimited amount, guilt free) and eat a tuna sandwich (my new favorite nap-time snack.)

Asleep on the couch

Asleep on the couch

Sage Pictures

Here are some things I have been knitting.