Growing Sage

I am 23, live in Vancouver WA, and am a postpartum doula. I planned on going to Midwifery school until I found out I was expecting. This is my adventure of pregnancy, home birth, breastfeeding, cloth diapering, natural parenting, and queer single motherhood to a baby called Sage.

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You read that right. Like a crotch Popsicle. My midwife helped me make these the other day, and honestly, I think every mommy-to-be or new mommy should get on this asap! It sounds blissful. 

Use: Postpartum crotch healing

Supplies: Enormous, overnight, incontinence pads without wings (Poise makes pretty good ones). Witch Hazel. Freezer. Freezer bag.

How-To: pour the witch hazel in the middle of the pad, really soak it. Fold it back up, place in freezer bag, place in freezer. After birth, place pad in those cute mesh panties and enjoy. If you are like me and have sensitive skin, don’t expose the sticker part. They wont stick well to the mesh panties anyway, and they will just stick to any hairs you have in that area.

Why: The witch hazel helps to heal and control bleeding, the cold feels good and helps with swelling, the pad also works as a normal pad should. The huge pad means not only does the crotchsicle last longer, but you won’t have to get up as frequently to avoid bleeding everywhere. Why no wings? They will just stick to your thighs and be annoying.

Enjoy! May your crotches heal pleasantly! 

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    You can also put water in a condom, tie it like a balloon, and freeze it. I think you all know where it goes.
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